Youth panel

Youth panel

Noortepaneel-20122Convened as part of the project is a youth panel whose members advise the project team first and foremost on the planning and implementation of activities aimed at young people.

The panel passes on the thoughts and views that young people have regarding the kind of information they need to use the Internet safely and successfully and how this information would best be conveyed to kids.

The members of the panel were elected during a seminar held at the Kloogarand youth camp from 25-27 October.

The members of the youth panel are:

Dalia and Kirke from Harkujärve Basic School
Georg from Jõhvi Secondary School
Kristina from Kohtla-Järve Co-ed Secondary School
Kristofer from Tartu Private School
Ksenija and Vlad from Ehte Secondary School of Humanities
Einar and Lauri from Jäneda Basic School
Lee Marion from Pelgulinn Secondary School in Tallinn
Liina and Sirelin from Pärnu-Jaagupi Secondary School
Meeri from Peetri School
Marek from Lilleküla Secondary School, who was also a member of the previous youth panel, continues to participte in the panel

Members of the 1st youth panel from November 2010-May 2012:

Elina and Kristo from Pelgulinn Secondary School in Tallinn
Hendrik and Kevin from Sütevaka Secondary School of Humanities in Pärnu
Angelina and Karina from Ehte Secondary School of Humanities
Kairi and Kristiina from Tallinn Co-ed Secondary School
Kristen and Mari from Valga Secondary School
Kristina from Kohtla-Järve Secondary School
Marek from Lilleküla Secondary School in Tallinn
Piret, Tauno and Kristjan from Kuressaare Secondary School
Sander from Põlva Co-Ed Secondary School

Members of the first youth panel are continuing as youth trainers and mentors to the new panel members.