Web safety courses for teachers


Web safety courses for teachers

In the framework of „Targalt Internetis“ project, the Information Technology Foundation for Education is organizing 3 web safety courses on October 24th. The courses are prepared based on the needs of teachers, as the questions and problems teachers face in the classroom depend a lot on the target groups the teachers are working with.

Through practical work, participants receive knowledge of computer security, life on social networks, internet safety issues in Estonia and around the world. Peer-to-peer training provides advice for handling these matters at school.

Teachers are welcome to participate in:

„e-safety for preschool and school stage I class teachers“, instructors P. Seepa and H. Epro

„e-safety in school stage II“, instructor R. Timberg

„e-safety in school stage II, gymnasium and vocational school class teachers“, instructors B. Lorenz and A. Rumm

Every course lasts 26 academic hours meaning 1 EAP.

All courses begin on October 24th 2014 with an auditory day at Tallinn IT College, lasting from 10:00 to 15:00. Further work until December 9th takes place at HITSA Moodle online environment. Participation is free of charge.

Additional information:;

Triin Kangur
„Targalt Internetis“ project awareness manager


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