„Smartly on the Web“ Youth Panels’ autumn


„Smartly on the Web“ Youth Panels’ autumn

„Smartly on the Web“ Youth Panels’ autumn seminar took place on 3rd and 4th of November 2017 in Kloogaranna Youth Camp.

During the two-days seminar youngsters completed their knowledge and skills to cope safely and smartly in the digital world.

The seminar started with the workshop leaded by Estonian web constable Maarja Punak. In the workshop there was discussed, how and for what purposes social media uses the users data. On the second half of the two-hours workshop, Maarja discussed with the participants, what kind of risks youngsters experience and take, how to deal with the risks and why it is important to think thoroughly, whom they could talk to for getting good advice and help in case of something bad has happened.

Workshop was followed by the two-hours out-door adventure game „100 mölki“ in the territory of Kloogaranna Youth Camp. During the game, youngsters had the chance to test their skills on orientating with tablets and finding the check-points to answer the questions opened at the check-point. It was also neccessary to choose a right strategy, as the goal was to get exactly 100 points, no more or less.

The second day of the seminar started with the workshop led by the trainee and entrepreneur Veiko Hani. In the workshop Veiko explained and discussed with the participants, why it is important to protect one’s smartphone and what should and could be done for doing it. For remembering which was told during the session, youngsters got a homework to carry out an audit for assessing their online behaviour and  security of their devices.

In the last part of the seminar, participants had to compile an online quiz with questions and selective answers for Kahhoot. The aim of the quiz is to motivate internet users to behave thoughtfully and safely online. The quiz will be available for public during the „Safer Internet Day 2018“ celebration campaign.


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