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The Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA), the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, the Child Helpline 116111 and the Police and Border Guard Board carried out 540 workshops and interactive lectures in 314 general education schools and 115 nursery schools from 2011-2014. Children and young people aged 6-16 took part in Safer Internet classes that were aimed at raising their awareness of good and safe use of the Internet and modern technologies. Training for teachers and parents was also organised.

The volume of training we can offer in the 2015-2016 school year is considerably smaller. However, we are pleased to inform you that the material previously only offered and presented in the Safer Internet classes is now available in packages on the website of the Safer Internet project at The workshops for students were created in consideration of the children’s age and social skills. The duration of a class is 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, with a focus on one or two problems to which suitable solutions are sought. Possible behavioural and activity guidelines are also offered to avoid slipping up in the future.

There were three parallel e-courses in October and December 2014 which were aimed at supporting teachers in handling the Internet and related problems. Goods tips from practitioner to practitioner and advice on using smart applications in the classroom were also given during the course. The volume of the e-course was 26 academic hours/1 ESP. Those who completed the training received certificates from HITSA.

Further information about the project information activities is available from

Contact details of Safer Internet project trainers

Heily Epro
Roger Puk
Anneli Rumm
Eva Tšepurko
Katrin Mikk
Epp Leikop
Tiit Mauer
Vladimir Runin
Piret Seepa
Siim Brauer
Veronika Tuul
Külli Võsu
Marika Anissimov
Johanna Olesk
Birgy Lorenz
Kalev Pihl
Margit Savisaar
Eva Palk
Tarmo Rosenfeldt
Dmitri Mištšenko
Olga Šumailova
Svetlana Vladimirova
Svetlana Dõtšenko
Ando Urbas
Aivar Paas
Aare Kirna
Albina Rževskaja