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Dear teacher,

The teaching materials created as part of the ‘Safer Internet’ project are designed for use with students from Grades 1 through 9.

We want to raise children’s and teenagers’ awareness of how to safely communicate with the rest of the world over the Internet. Internet communication is no different to face-to-face communication – you have to take other people into account, be polite and think about the consequences of what you are doing and saying. Children consider themselves smarter than adults when it comes to Internet matters, and truly believe that they can keep situations that arise under control.

These materials are designed to help you in carrying out lessons (in computer studies, social studies, Estonian language and other classes) and events related to Internet safety. You can put together a package that best suits your school’s needs by combining different modules.

Here you can find Targalt internetis teaching materials

Here you can find incidents that have actually taken place in Estonia and are outlined by officers from Criminal Department of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. It is recommended that these stories be used to inform and launch discussions with young people about the laws in Estonia.
Incidents related to internet safety issues by Estonian Police and Border Guard Board


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