Uudised ja artiklid / 2023 Jul

  • KüberPuuring 2022 osalenud koolid

    Piloting of online safety exercises in the KüberPuuring and KüberNaaskel testing events


    The online safety exercises were created in the second half of 2022 and then tested in the period October – December 2022 within the framework of the KüberPuuring and KüberNaaskel competitions. KüberPuuring competition Students of grades 7-12 of general education schools and students of vocational schools participated in the KüberPuuring competition. General education schools participated…
  • SID 2023: Safer Internet Day activities in Estonia


    This year, the focus of the Safer Internet Day (SID) campaign in Estonia were on data sharing, privacy and digital skills with the slogan “My data is my property”. As in recent years, Estonian Safer Internet Centre invited schools and kindergartens, also youth centres and libraries to organise thematic events for children and students. All…
  • Safer Internet Day actions in Estonia 2022


    Each year, Estonian Safer Internet Centre focuses on one topical issue when celebrating Safer Internet Day in Estonia This year, Safer Internet Day paid particular attention to raising children´s digital competence and disseminated information about how to protect yourself and others online. To this end, Estonian Safer Internet Centre published new educational resources and organized…


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