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KüberPuuring 2022 osalenud koolid

Piloting of online safety exercises in the KüberPuuring and KüberNaaskel testing events


The online safety exercises were created in the second half of 2022 and then tested in the period October – December 2022 within the framework of the KüberPuuring and KüberNaaskel competitions.

KüberPuuring competition

Students of grades 7-12 of general education schools and students of vocational schools participated in the KüberPuuring competition. General education schools participated in the testing, where young people who are more aware of digital and cyber security study, i.e. the situation is rather more positive than the average in Estonia. Students of IT majors up to the age of 19 participated from vocational schools.

The preliminary round of the KüberPuuring competition took place on 1.10-15.11.2022 and was individual. The competition was held in both Estonian and Russian. 117 educational institutions registered for the competition. The preliminary round of the Cyber Survey had 11 background questions and 23 exercises: 7 easy, 6 medium, 5 difficult, 3 very difficult and 2 additional questions. Students had up to 90 minutes to answer questions and solve tasks, unless the school decided otherwise (many participants needed 45 minutes).

KüberPuuring 2022 osalenud koolid

Map: Participating schools of KüberNaaskel competition 2022 (117)

The final round of the KüberPuuring took place as a training session. The training took place online on 17.11.2022 online (3 hours) and was in Estonian, based on the flag competition (CTF) of golden fleece style. Up to 320 students registered, or 88 student groups, of which 57 were boys’ and 27 girls’ groups, about 200 attended. One group could have up to 4 members. A total of 51 schools participated. As part of the training, there was also a mini-competition with 25 tasks (7 easy, 8 medium, 10 hard) and 5 exercises.

A more comprehensive substantive report (in Estonian).

KüberNaaskel competition

KüberNaaskel is a cyber security competition for young people aged 14-26 who are more interested in the topic. 222 contestants in the following age groups participated in the preliminary round of the KüberNaaskel competition: 152 in the younger age group, 57 in the older age group and 13 in the international age group. The preliminary round took place on December 2-3, 2022, lasted up to 4 hours and participants had to solve 9 tasks. The main round took place on December 10, 2022 and lasted 6 hours. In the main round, 29 competitors took part in the younger competition class and 17 in the older competition class. The participants had to solve 17 tasks.

After these two competitions, the 25 exercises were selected and uploaded on the ecercises portal of the Estonian SIC web page https://ylesanded.targaltinternetis.ee/ (some of the exercises are in Estonian, others in English).


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Pass Hash


Must Auk


Stream Early access
Jõuluvana 1
Jõuluvana 2
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Traffic camera
FTP brute
Call to Action
Encrypted communication 
Mission Delivery
Hacker central
Expired goods
Breaking news
Two exponents


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