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Cyber security game “Inclusice CS – the GAME” is now published


Europe is expected to have 350 000 vacant jobs in Computer Science (CS) by 2022; in the US, the same number is said to be 209 000. Both Education 2030 OECD and the World Economic Forum pointed out the need for new kinds of skills including complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and managing people. These skills are a vital part of future success in a digital society.

Inclusive CS – The GAME! is a cyber security-themed search game where you can challenge yourself.

  • The game has 50 search or discussion tasks.
  • The creators of the game are scientists and cooperation partners of the IT Faculty of Tallinn University of Technology.

To play the game, you need a sheet of paper, a writing tool, and the Internet. Solve the tasks on the cards one after the other and discuss the questions. Mark the answers to the task with the card number on a sheet of paper.


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