For parents

Spoofy – cyber security game for children

As a result of the cooperation between CGI and Telia, the cyber security computer game Spoofy has been born. Spoofy teaches children about Internet dangers, online behavior, and other topics related to smart devices. The target group of the game is younger school-age children and, together with an adult, also preschoolers.

It is an adventure game where the player has to go through different levels. It is to move on
need to interact with other characters, collect items (including keys) and solve tasks. The main character of the game is “Cyber ​​Hero”, who helps other characters to solve tasks related to cyber security.

The main goals of the game are to teach children to always ask their parents for advice, to introduce them to the digital world and cybersecurity terminology, and to make children think about the consequences before taking action. The game is addictive, educational and free! The game is in Estonian, Russian and English.

Spoofy can be played on a computer and a smart device (Andriod and iOS). Additional materials for parents and teachers have been added to the game. The game is a good tool for conveying the topic and the necessary knowledge in school.

It is also useful and exciting for parents to play the game, so you can discuss what you have experienced with your child and remember the important information you have learned during the game.