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Web-based game ” Nastix’s adventures on the internet”


‘Nastix’s adventures on the Internet’ (original: „Nastix seikleb internetis“) is a web-based game developed on the request of Tiger Leap Foundation. It is primarily meant for children aged 9-14 to learn safe use of Internet.
Nastix, the main character of the game, is a character from a famous IT comic BadBlock and started his adventures on the pages of Eesti Ekspress in 2000. He is a hairy and rough IT-guy, who knows computers and the Internet inside and out, but could get in trouble in real life. Now Nastix has started to teach children so they could also become friends with computers and the Internet and would know how to stay away from the dangers lurking within.
Players will learn with Nastix: how and what would be reasonable to present about yourself online; what is privacy and how to understand it in the Internet context; together they learn to create and recognize a safe password and investigate what should be kept in mind when creating a new user account.
Nastix’s virus-infected computer will be cured together and a troubled mobile-user will also find help. There are separate mini-games about cyber-bullying and communicating in social networks.

You can join Nastix’s adventures here: www.targaltinternetis.ee/nastix/


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