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Safer Internet Day


A safer Internet week will take pleace in Estonia from 04.02 – 10.02 2013 led by „Targalt internetis“ project.

Conference “My footprint online” (“Minu jalajälg internetis”) will be held in Tartu on February 7th, where the focus is on the rights and responsibilities of children and youth on the Internet. Presentations are given by Priit Hõbemägi – professor of Communications institute at Tallinn University – and Andra Siibak – senior scientist of Tartu University Media researches. The Estonian Information System’s Authority info protection expert Anto Veldre will talk about the rights of youngsters online and children’s psychologist Tiiu Meres will give good suggesions how to handle danger-situations. The presentations will be followed by three parallel workshops for youth, teachers and child protection officials.

On February 1st will end the student competition “My rights and responsibilities” held by Tiger Leap Foundation, where youngsters are expected to create web-based posters at Glogster.com environment.

From February 4th-8th, a special “Targalt Internetis” page with thematic articles from Estonian opinion-leaders and internet experts will be gathered together is going to appear at www.Delfi.ee – the most widely read news portal in Estonia.
Awareness raising campaign “Respekt” with the aim to attract teenagers’ attention to wiser internet communication, will be held in all major Estonian cities during the Safer internet week. In addition, almost 1000 children will participate in “Targalt Internetis” school days organized by Tiger Leap Foundation trainers. The Safer Internet Day 2013 video clip will be shown in the more popular television channels.


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