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Meme opinion “The child does what the child sees”


This year, the international Safer Internet Day was celebrated on February 11, when millions of people around the world organised various activities to raise public awareness for a better and safer online environment for children.

Children are active users of the Internet, accounting for almost a third of the user community. Moreover, on the Internet they learn from what they see and experience. For Safer Internet Day, we asked Estonian children for their opinion on “The child does what the child sees”.

We wanted to know what children think about being a role model for a parent or an older friend in the online community. We asked them to voice their opinions in meme form. The picture below shows seven memes that summarise children’s views on the topic, accompanied by children’s recommendations for adults.

We would like to thank everyone who sent their opinion and thank you to all the instructors!

Organisational team: project “Smartly on the Web”, representatives of Pärnu Rääma Basic School and Pelgulinna Upper Secondary School.


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