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Children’s experiences with digital learning during Covid 19 period


In spring 2020, 7017 10-18 -year-olds from 7 Nordic and Baltic countries
participated in the digital Children’s Advisory Panel study and shared their experiences with digital learning during COVID-19 pandemic.

The study focused on the three areas: overall satisfaction/access; schooling/learning support and wellbeing/safety.  The study was carried out online during May and involved 7 countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. From each country about 1000 children and young people aged 10-18 participated in the survey (from Sweden young people aged 16-18). The results of the study give a good insight of their thoughts, opinions and expectations.

The main partner for the Children’s Advisory Panel was the World Childhood Foundation and for each country there were local partners. In Estonia Estonian SIC consortium members Estonian Union for Child Welfare and Information Technology Foundation for Education were involved and also contributed to the development of the questionnaire.

The results of the study

The Children’s Advisory Panel (CAP) is an initiative by Telia Company in collaboration with child rights organizations and schools in seven countries across the Nordics and the Baltics. It was created to get a better understanding of children’s own perspectives of online and digital aspects of life by listening to them through quantitative and qualitative co-creative methods.


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