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Smartly on the Web youth seminar in real life – a place for new ideas


On August 22-24, a youth summer seminar Smartly on the Web took place in Nelijärve recreation Centre. The summer seminar aimed at discussing the future and role of the Internet from the perspective of young people.

During the seminar, workshops were held on recognizing misinformation, what to do with digital waste and what is the role and responsibility of young people so that the Internet is not lost. The workshops were conducted by Diana Poudel from Digiab, a well-known digital hygiene educator, author of a handbook for parents and creator of games; Mirell Merirand from the Old Town Education College, who introduced the tricks and tricks of cyber yoga and mindfullness at the seminar; Birgy Lorenz from Tallinn University of Technology discussed with young people the topic of digital junk and garbage generated by electronic devices as well as digital garbage in digital form (files, emails, messages, etc.).

The coordinators of the Child Welfare Association Malle Hallimäe and Kerli Valner emphasized the importance of discussing with children and young people both at the seminar and everywhere at home, how young people feel online and how they see the future development of the Internet. Another important question is whether being on the Internet is limited to looking at pictures, looking for music and movies and commenting on dances, or whether we are spokespersons, creators of the environment and why not dreamers.

In the framework of the summer seminar a focus group interview on the future of the Internet, one of the most important topics for young people in the European Union was carried out, also.

The summer seminar was coordinated by the Estonian Union for Child Welfare. The seminar was supported by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility.


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