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Where to turn with a concern


Child helpline 116 111

– nationwide free 24h child helpline, through which both children and parents can receive primary social counseling and, if necessary, crisis counseling regarding Internet safety issues (e.g. identity theft on social network accounts, sex-related proposals online, suggestions for cyber bullying, how to limit a child’s computer-use, recommended rules how a child can use the Internet etc).

In addition to telephone, NPO Estonian Advice Centers offers the following forms of counseling:

  • Online chat on the website www.lasteabi.ee available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Online chat on MSN Messenger (username: info@lasteabi.ee) available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Online calls on Skype (username: Lasteabi_116111) available 24/7

Hotline www.vihjeliin.ee
– Through the form on the Hotline webpage, it is possible to inform of illegal materials spreading on the Internet. Information about materials portraying sexual abuse of children, child-trafficking (human trafficking) and other materials unsuitable for children are most expected. Information can be submitted anonymously. The service is provided by NPO Estonian Union for Child Welfare who cooperates with Police and Border Guard Board in handling the submitted hints.

Web-officer  – the task of a web-officer is to respond to any kind of questions people might have regarding police-work and to do all this on Internet social networks, forums and e-mail. Turning to a web-officer does not mean that a proceeding would immediately be initiated or that a punishment will follow. The main job of the web-officer is to answer to people’s questions and advise them. But when a web-officer finds information with characteristics of a crime, they forward the information to the according prefecture’s criminal bureau that will then investigate the case.

With what problems can you turn to the web-officer?

  • If you seek police advice
  • If you have questions regarding laws
  • If you wish to forward a hint to the police
  • If you suspect that someone is posing under your name online
  • If you are a victim of bullying/harassment
  • If you want to report sexual abuse

The contacts and accouts of the web-officer:
Webpage: www.politsei.ee/veebikonstaabel
Facebook: Veebikonstaabel Andero; Veebikonstaabel Maarja
Rate.ee: http://www.rate.ee/users/andero-
Lapsemure forum: http://www.lapsemure.ee/forum_est/viewforum.php?f=195
Perekool forum: http://www.perekool.ee/index.php?id=151892
Vastused.ee website: http://www.vastused.ee/loe/sotsiaalne-turvalisus/politsei/1.html
E-mail: andero.sepp@politsei.ee; maarja.punak@politsei.ee
MSN: andero.sepp@politsei.ee

Social network pages also have a link for turning to the administrator of the page (e.g. ‘report’ on Facebook) through which you can inform of materials violating a user’s rights. Additional information on Facebook page (in English):https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=247013378662696.


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