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Programming will reach every schoolchild


From September, The Tiger Leap Foundation starts the school-oriented program ProgeTiiger, which enables students from grades 1 to 12 to get acquainted with programming and web application development.

‘The students’ interest in using modern technology has risen from year to year. On the other hand, the enlarging of school curriculums has created a decrease in informatics classes. With the ProgeTiiger program, we will create a base for students to develop from software users to software developers,’ explained Ave Lauringson, the Head of Training in Tiger Leap Foundation. ‘Programming also supplements the robotics field that has worked with our support for years.’

The lower grades will start with the programming classes as soon as the class teachers have gone through the according training in this September. Programming courses for intermediate level and optional courses for gymnasium will start in the next year. Study materials for all levels are already in creation and in addition to teachers all extracurricular instructors interested in the topic are all welcome to the trainings as well.

The Tiger Leap Foundation’s initiation is also supported by enterprises in the technology field. ‘Popularizing IT-knowledge has always been one of the priorities of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications,’ said Tieto Estonia consultant Raul Ennus in a commentary for the initiation of programming courses. ’Therefore it is especially positive that the program enables to prepare for higher education in IT already in gymnasium. Tieto Estonia has agreed to consult in the development of ProgeTiiger study materials, and I believe that other IT-companies are also willing to join in.’

In the first stage, the Tiger Leap Foundation will include pilot schools in the program, and further on all general education schools can join the program.

Additional information:

Ave Lauringson
Head of Training
Tiger Leap Foundation

Gsm: 52 04700
Skype: ave.lauringson
E-mail: ave.lauringson@tiigrihype.ee


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