Uudised ja artiklid

Let`s do our best that lies are short lived also on the internet – together for better internet


Each year, we focus on one topical issue when celebrating Safer Internet Day in Estonia. Safer Internet Day this year will pay particular attention to misinformation.

To this end, we organize:

  • A media campaign entitled “Let`s do our best that lies are short lived also on the Internet” whose objective is to draw attention how and where misinformation spreads, how to recognise it and what we can do to stop the spread of misinformation.  We have shot a video that invites to critically review information on the Internet. The video is shown on the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) TV channel, commercial broadcasting channels as well as social media channels. The campaign is endorsed by thematic information present on the Estonian SIC website.
  • Additionally, a web conference entitled ‘Information Society: Ethics and Responsibility’ takes place today. The conference focuses on ethical issues: values, stances and behavioural patterns. The target audience is primarily teachers and educators.
  • In January, we sent a thematic resource package to all kindergartens, schools, youth centres and libraries, accompanied by an invitation to celebrate Safer Internet Day with thematic events.
  • Additionally, in February, a creative competition for children and young people on the topic of memes – Real life online versus imagination takes place.
  • A special edition of the web-magazine Notice the Child (Märka Last) entitled ‘Smartly on the Web’ (Targalt internetis) is published.


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