• Children’s experiences with digital learning during Covid 19 period


    In spring 2020, 7017 10-18 -year-olds from 7 Nordic and Baltic countriesparticipated in the digital Children’s Advisory Panel study and shared their experiences with digital learning during COVID-19 pandemic. The study focused on the three areas: overall satisfaction/access; schooling/learning support and wellbeing/safety.  The study was carried out online during May and involved 7 countries: Sweden,…
  • Ten tips for assessing the credibility of news


    A great deal of news reaches us daily through online media outlets, blog posts and social media platforms. Unfortunately, whether intentionally or not, misinformation is also spread. How to make sure that the articles and social media posts you read and watch are true? Here are ten tips for assessing the credibility of news. BE…
  • Smart Internet use: Recommendations for parents on ensuring their child’s safe Internet use during e-learning at home


    During the current state of emergency, schools, hobby clubs and playgrounds are closed, and children are using e-learning to study from home. As a result, children use the Internet and smart devices more than before. The devices are used for studying, communicating with teachers, classmates and friends, playing games, listening to music, looking for information,…
  • Meme opinion “The child does what the child sees”


    This year, the international Safer Internet Day was celebrated on February 11, when millions of people around the world organised various activities to raise public awareness for a better and safer online environment for children. Children are active users of the Internet, accounting for almost a third of the user community. Moreover, on the Internet…
  • Intervention is Needed Before Bullying Becomes a Death Sentence


    Maarja Punak, Web Constable In recent years, Estonia (like the world in general) has seen growing interest in the topic of suicide, which has brought with it an increase in self-harming and games such as Blue Whale, but also tragic consequences and deaths. In this light, the last year has been of enormous symbolic significance…
  • Parents, Take Note: Sharing Isn’t Always Caring


    Andra Siibak, Professor of Media Studies at the University of Tartu It’s extremely important for every child to feel loved and cared for, but also that their parents are proud of them. Parents’ kind, heartfelt words are just as significant to a child as hugs and caresses. Nicknames and endearments (‘my teddy bear’, ‘little princess’,…
  • Safer Internet Day 2018 activities focused on online communication culture


    In Estonia the SID 2018 kick-off event took place on January 18 then an invitation to celebrate Safer Internet Day during the period February 6- February 14 was sent to all schools, kindergartens and youth centers. In the invitation all participants were asked to describe and give information about their activities. All this information is…
  • Youth Panel YouTube“feed”


    Give the youth a possibility to be creative and you’d be amazed what they can come up with! Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) won the resource competition organized by European Commission, with the project called “Youth Panel YouTube “feed””. The project took place from March to November 2017 and the main idea was to…
  • Safer Internet Forum 2017


    Today Safer Internet Forum 2017 is taken place in Brussels. This is a key annual international conference in Europe where policy makers, researchers, law enforcement bodies, youth, parents and carers, teachers, NGOs, industry representatives, experts and other relevant actors come together to discuss the latest trends, risks and solutions related to child online safety. With…
  • Safer Internet Day activities in Estonia


    The Estonian Safer Internet Center sent out an invitation to schools, kindergartens and youth centers to celebrate Safer Internet Day. All organisations who sent the information about the awareness raising events they will organize in the framework of Safer Internet Day were placed on the map of Estonia and they will receive a diploma. Information…
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